4-5 Yaş (Yıldızlar Sınıfı) İngilizce Eğitimi Aralık 2017


November Lesson plan

                                                           4-5 YEARS


Week 1

-Introduction of shapes ( circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval, heart, diamond, star)

.Shapes songs,

.weather song

.ABC phonics songs

.shapes games

-Counting to 10 (1, 2, 3...10)

-Shapes and number ( 3 circles, 5 star, 9  oval, ...)

- My aim is that at the end of this week the student should be able to identify all the different shapes and also count well.

-Number and shapes games.




Week 2

-Revision of shapes and numbers

-Introduction of colors(blue, red pink, yellow...)

-Shapes, numbers and colors( 2 red oval, 7 yellow star, 4 blue rectangle...)

-number songs

-shapes song

-color songs

-weather songs

- If you are happy and you know

-Finger Family song

- Introduction of Fruits flashcards

-Fruits songs and games



Week 3

-Continuation of fruits(grapes, apple, pear, strawberry, cherry, ...)

- letting children talking about the fruits the like and the fruits they don’t like

.I like strawberry, I don’t like pear...

.fruits song

.ABC songs

-Introduction of Animal flashcards(Cow, butterfly, donkey, horse, camel...)

-Animal songs

-Old Mcdonal had a farm

-Games on fruits

-Games on Animal

.Head shoulders knees and toes songs.



Week 4

-Revision of shapes, number, colors, grapes, and animals

-Introduction of body parts( head, shoulders, knees, toes, fingers, chin, arm...)

-Body parts song

-Body parts games

-Days of the week songs

-Other songs and games.